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Putney Plumbers & Gas Services are a Gas safe registered family company with extensive experience spanning over 25 years providing a professional service to all of its customers.
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At Putney Plumbers Gas Services we aim to provide a professional and speedy service to all customers.
We work hard on providing a smart, efficient and affordable way of repairing any plumbing related problems that our clients may come across.

We have a friendly team of experienced staff, therefore our customers can feel confident they are dealing with professionals who can provide a service we believe to be second to none.
We are committed to providing a service which is good value for money as well as quality workmanship.

We strongly believe in working with people as partners and base this relationship on trust and honesty, on that ending we look forward to working alongside all future customers.

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Do you have a Water Stain? – Need an Emergency Plumber in Putney, London?

Water leaks are a waste of a precious resource and may cause damage to your property. The cost of putting right long-term damage is always far greater than dealing with a leak promptly.
Here is a great How to find the Source of a Ceiling Leak.

Visible signs of a leak include water bubbling out of the ground or a very damp patch in your garden on a dry day. If your water supply is metered you can carry out a simple check by taking meter readings.

Most meters are found in the public footpath outside your house or in the front garden. They are located in an underground box which is usually under a metal or plastic cover.
Sometimes it will be covered with a large cast iron cover, which you should not lift. Occasionally meters are located inside the house next to the stop tap, which is often under the kitchen sink.

Do You Need a Plumber in Putney?

We make sure every fully qualified, licensed London plumber from Putney Plumbers has the training and experience to be able to do all those jobs you might find popping up. Repairing appliances, replacing pipes, unblocking drains, and installing fittings – if you need it done, Putney Plumbers will have an expert plumber who can do it. Putney may have a plethora of trendy shops, cafes and art galleries, but it’s still prone to all kinds of problems. If you need a Putney plumber, contact us now.
Problems we can fix are the following:

Burst, leaking pipelines – this can be a serious issue in Putney, especially if untreated. Water can get into your walls, ceiling, windows, foundations and other places, causing lots of damaged, not to mention further costs. If you’ve got a leaking pipe, a Putney Plumbers will be able to repair or replace it no matter where it is, what’s caused it or what it’s made if. Every plumber has the experience and tools for sinks, stormwater, sewerage, downpipes and all other piping in copper, PEX, galvanised and all other material.

Faulty hot water unit – Putney Plumbers can take care of your faulty hot water unit in Putney, no matter what the problem is. If it’s scheduled for a service, or it’s suddenly just stopped working, our fully qualified, licensed Putney plumber will be able to assess what’s wrong, then decide on the course of action that’ll give you the best results possible.
This may mean either a repair of your current faulty appliance, or a replacement of your whole hot water boiler. Every Putney plumber has the tools and parts to be able to repair any problematic hot water unit, as well as a range of brand new appliances, so we’ve got you covered for any eventuality. It makes no difference whether you have or want gas, solar or electricity, Bosch, or another brand, your attending Putney plumber can do them all.

Leaking, faulty gas fittings – if you’ve discovered one of your Putney gas appliances is malfunctioning, or you’ve got a leak somewhere along your pipeline, an expert plumber from Putney will be able to help. Since gas poses risks to you and your family’s safety and health, we’ll be able to get a professional Putney plumber out to your home quite smart to assess, find and repair or replace those problematic pipes and appliance.
Our gas plumber also has access to the very best tools and knowledge when it comes to appliance installation and general maintenance. If your oven isn’t working, you need your new room heater installed or you want your BBQ converted to Natural gas, a Putney Plumbers can do all these jobs and more.

Blocked drains – suddenly discovering your Putney sewerage pipe is blocked, or finding your shower is filling up with water instead of draining it away, can be a very irritating time. These problems can become very serious very quickly in Putney, often leading to further blockages or preventing day to day necessities. For this reason, you don’t want getting your drains cleared to be stressful as well, but our professionals have everything they need to remove both the stress and the clog.
Not only is our Putney plumber extensively trained to handle any blockage he might come up against, he also has access to only the very best drain cleaning machinery, including electric eels and hydro jetters. Your attending Putney plumber will be able to accurately assess the situation, using a CCTV sewer camera if required, then decide upon and carry out the best course of action for clearing it, even if it means he has to excavate and replace the affected section of drain.

Leaking, faulty toilets – whether you’ve just discovered your Putney toilet isn’t working properly, or you’ve known for a while and have already purchased a new suite, a Putney Plumber has the solution that’s right for you. We’ll be able to send an expert plumber around to your home or business to asses and repair your existing toilet, or else install your new one for you. We also stock a large range of toilets ourselves, so if we try to fix it but can’t, your attending Putney plumber can quickly retrieve and install a brand new one without having to waste any time.

Fridges that need installing – many newer model fridges have inbuilt water and ice dispensers which, of course, need to be attached to a water mains pipe in Putney. This is a very difficult job, though, and we recommend having a professional plumber from Putney Plumber do it rather than attempting to yourself. Our Putney plumber has experience with every make and model of fridge, so it doesn’t matter what you’ve bought, he’ll be able to have it in and running perfectly in no time at all.

Dishwashers that need installing – the multitude of pieces, connections, fittings and moving parts in a dishwasher make them extremely difficult to install for the Putney DIY enthusiast. When you’ve spent so much money on a luxury appliance, it’s always a better idea to have it professionally installed. An expert Putney plumber has the knowledge, skills and tools required to install any brand and model of dishwasher, ensuring it’s assembled properly and correctly connected to the water mains in your kitchen.
Roofing, guttering leaks – a Putney plumber will be able to repair or replace any and all problems which might be causing your roofs and gutters to leak or overflow. Blocked stormwater openings, rusted or broken gutters, damaged roofs, it doesn’t matter; we can have a professional Putney plumber come out to your property, assess the situation, then carry out any repairs and replacements required. All our vans are stocked with every tool and spare part needed for any job, so chances are high your attending Putney plumber will be able to fix it on the spot, depending on the specific problem.

Leaking, damaged tapware – a tap that’s hard to turn, doesn’t run at all or is leaking can be a serious problem in Putney, often causing day to day nuisances and sometimes leading to further complications if not addressed quickly. That’s where we come in. Every Putney plumber has been hired because they’re the very best, each able to assess what’s causing your tap woes, then repair and replace any washers and other worn parts. If, however, your attending Putney plumber thinks that a full tapware replacement will be the best option, he’ll be able to talk you through your options before installation; you can either choose one of our stock tap sets, or purchase a different one from another retailer.

Putney Plumbers’ provided a timely and fair quotation and carried out the work of fitting a new Vaillant 28 k boiler to the agreed specification and with due care and consideration with dust sheets in use and all waste materials removed The work was carried out was to a high standard and the pipework was neat. Putney Plumbers’ found and fixed a small leak to the supply and left everything in good order.”
Andrew B., Essex
“Good job, i’m also very pleased with communication. Will use him again in future and highly recommend him.”
Mark V., Chigwell
“We chose Putney Plumbers’ based on the positive recommendations and have to say we were not disappointed!During the initial consultation for boiler replacement he explained clearly what needed to be done and came across as a genuine, friendly, professional tradesman.Along with his colleague jack, the work was completed efficiently and tidily. They were both easy to get along with and worked unobtrusively. We can’t recommend Putney Plumbers’ highly enough-an excellent job for a very competitive price. We would use him again for any gas heating work and would recommend him to our friends.Thanks Putney Plumbers’!..”
John S., Woodford
Putney Plumbers’ provided a timely and fair quotation and carried out the work of fitting a new Vaillant 28k boiler to the agreed specification and with due care and consideration with dust sheets in use and all waste materials removed The work was carried out was to a high standard and the pipework was neat. Putney Plumbers’ found and fixed a small leak to the supply and left everything in good order.”
Andrew B., Hampstead


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